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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - G*U*N*N* and Sanguinary Trance

The Mighty Decibel once again delves into the demo/EP/single/mini-album morass ...

Like the smell of napalm in the morning, gotta admit that this embattled reviewer loves some abrasive hardcore punk to start a day. Gets you in the mood to take on the challenges of the day, don't you think? Here we have a collective out of California (I think - couldn't find any info on the net about the band) named G*U*N*N* who've issued a self-titled EP (Bandcamp). Disheveled and obviously pissed off at life, the band provides heads down, hard charging HC punk that careens about wildly before hitting a brick wall. Then they do it again four more times over seven minutes, the vocalist adding an old school English bark for authenticity. Wild fun. [7]

Next we visit Austria where SANGUINARY TRANCE has issued its debut EP Wine, Song and Sacrifice (Bandcamp). Providing a unique mix of melodic black metal phrasing with a sense of chaos, this twenty-three-minute release leaves the listener off balance with its off-kilter character. The rhythm section lays down solid traditional blackness, but the guitars go off in unexpected directions while the vocalist's howls ensure that you're left grounded, yet left somewhat confused. Intriguing. [7]

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