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ARES KINGDOM - By The Light Of Their Destruction

Release date May 21/19 (Nuclear War Now!)

Holy crap - how have I missed this band? Despite being in existence since 1997 and having three previous full lengths, I've managed to not stumble across Ares Kingdom until now. Sure glad that they're on my radar now though, the Kansas City unit bludgeoning my ears with uber-quality extremism on By The Light Of Their Destruction.

We're talking heavy-as-concrete wedges of death played at thrash velocities, unceasingly pounding your chest and cranium to mush. The production is perfect for this type of warfare, the rhythm section delivering gut shots while the rumbling guitars simply crush. All the while vocalist Alex Blume spits, roars and growls up a storm, proving himself as being one very pissed off lad. Think Krisiun's Conquerors Of Armegedon crossed with Sepultura's Beneath The Remains. Yeah, that good.

Wave-after-wave of harrowing heaviness can be found here, this being the very stuff that thrash/death connoisseurs wait impatiently for for their next fix. The heaviest album of the year to date. Buy or die!


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