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(Podcast) UFO - Discography Review

Originally published June 19/19

The Mighty Decibel complete its first discography review podcast, focusing on the underrated, excellent UFO.

From UFO 1 through to Conspiracy of Stars, all 21 (!) studio albums are ravaged or lustily approved in this critical review ... with highlight tracks to help set the record straight!

(4:20) 'Doctor, Doctor' - Phenomenon

(9:17) 'This Kids' - Force It

(13:47) 'Highway Lady' - No Heavy Petting

(18:45) 'Lights Out' - Lights Out

(23:43) 'Only You Can Rock Me' - Obsession

(29:18) 'Lettin' Go' - No Place To Run

(34:21) 'Lonely Heart' - The Wild, The Willing and The Innocent

(39.52) 'Dreaming' - Mechanix

(46:53) 'Pushed To The Limit' - Walk On Water

(51:28) 'Serenade' - Covenant

(58:41) 'Baby Blue' - You Are Here

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