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Release date April 29/19 (EveryDayHate / Bandcamp)

Love grindcore, but gotta say that I don't usually delve in goregrind, finding the vocals hard to consume. Which leads us to this split EP between two bands of the bloody sub-genre.

First up out of Spain we have Sneezing Pus with their three-track portion they lovingly entitle "Putrid Necrotomy". Given that a necrotomy is the dissection of dead bodies, the opening track appropriately starts out with the proclamations of a medical examiner before things get serious. Very serious.

Sticking to a slow pace, it accentuates the rhythm section's bottom end, a pummeling-your-guts track if there ever was one. 'Grotesque Postule Mush' and 'Equisite Mastication On Ulcerous Flesh' follow picking up the pace, sure to get goregrind fans necks-a-snappin'. All the while watery sounding vocals that are de rigueur for the sub-genre bubble and bile up over top of the vile wreckage. Sick. [7]

Toulouse, France's Vomi Noir (translation: black vomit) completes this tandem of terror with their own four tracks which they christen as "Toutes Les Couleurs de la Cacophonie Humorale". The vocals here are a bit less watery, but still utterly inhuman ... or at least extremely depraved. A tad more chaotic than their Spanish friends, the Frenchmen evoke a postmortem scene where puss and bile spray about the walls while an examiner gleefully cuts into the bloated, over-sized ulcers. Not sure if the fella was dead when the initial incision was made though. Bring your coveralls. [7]

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