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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Hate Manifesto and Teleport

Once more we turn our gaze to the stockpile of EPs, singles, demos and mini-albums ...

Blast furnace intensity from our first band HATE MANIFESTO with their Herald of Triumph (Helter Skelter) four track, seventeen-minute EP. This Greek black/death unit is certainly not kidding around, creating a wall-of-sound attack that marries the uncompromising power of death with some darting blackened riffage to amazing effect. Powerful discernible death vocals too, acting as the final fist-to-the-face welcome from the band. Furious from note one to last blistering refrain, this is heavy enough to even appease the uber-hardened war metal fanatic. Relentless. [8]

Ratcheting back on the intensity a bit, next up we have a three-track EP from TELEPORT entitled The Expansion (Bandcamp). Based out of Slovenia, Encyclopedia Metallum claims that the sci-fi/space infatuated band has evolved from blackened progressive thrash to progressive death. These ears still hear a bit of the blackened thrash in the grooves, especially on the opener, 'Beholder of the Silent Sea', the highlight of the twenty-one-minute release. Blast-beated in sections, the track takes the listener on a journey through several different riff passages, able to retain attention despite the plethora of goings on. The following two tracks aren't quite up to the same standard though, mainly due to the band letting their inner prog out. Still a good headbang and there's no questioning the instrumental talent displayed, but a little too meandering and unfocused for my tastes. Make it an [8] if you're an extreme prog fan though. [7]

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