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Release date February 17/19 (Canometal Records)

We encountered Lucifer's Fall earlier this year on a split EP (with Cardinal's Folly), so was surprised to see that the Australian band has issued two additional splits this year. Considering the top notch doom that they delivered the first time out, it would be fair to say that I was stoked to hear this other material too.

The album in hand was actually the first of the three releases issued (within six weeks of each other), containing three tracks by the band, weighing in at a lofty 22 minutes. 'Death Of The Mother' starts things off with a memorable dose of trad doom metal, a terrific riff brought home by some fabulous vocals from Deceiver. Things get a little more slow and measured a la Candlemass on the 9 minute 'The Heretic', sporting a slow gallop mid-section before returning to a despondent lope for its conclusion. 'No Will To Fight' concludes Lucifer's Fall portion of the split, funeral marching us to our graves with a riff that rises and falls like prime Sabbath and Candlemass. This seals it, Lucifer's Fall is definitely a band that doom aficionados need to look into. Top notch. [8]

First run in with Acolytes Of Moros though, providing us with two tracks of their vision of doom over 22 minutes. Not as highly evolved as Lucifer's Fall, the Swedish unit focuses on playing real slow and dramatically, with melodic guitar refrains interspersed to offset the despondency. While tempo change-ups are introduced late in each track, they come too late, making it somewhat of a chore to get through each. Additionally, the vocalist isn't blessed with the best set of pipes for this type of action, his voice coming across as a monotone, warbling orator. Interesting that an effective death gargle is introduced late in proceedings, coming across much better with the material. Regardless, there is promise here ... something some songwriting tightening and vocal revisions could address. [6]

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