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PODCAST #36 - New & Upcoming Releases (Hard'N'Heavy Episode)

Our 'New & Upcoming Releases' podcast series introduces new underground releases to our listeners. This episode we focus solely on hard rock and trad/doom heavy metal.

Our Hard'N'Heavy episode!

(1:09) GRAND MAGUS - Wolf God (Nuclear Blast)

(4:44) HAUNT - Mosaic Vision (Bandcamp)

(9:37) LUCIFER'S FALL - Split w/Acolytes of Moros (Canometal Records)

(14:02) HIGH REEPER - Higher Reeper (Heavy Psych Sounds)

(18:51) GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS - Welcome To Sherwood (Bandcamp)

(22:14) TWO TOO MANY - Got My Rock'N'Roll (Bandcamp)

(26:36) SHOTGUN SAWYER - Bury The Hatchet (Ripple Music)

(30:25) DAR STELLABOTTA - Lo-Fi Rejection (Bandcamp)

(33:44) ELLA VICE - Motor Running (Bandcamp)

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