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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Nihilsect and Tempered

We dive deep into the underground again for some EPs, singles, demos and mini-albums ...

If the bio on Bandcamp is to be believed, our first perpetrators of harm formed in March of this year and have incredibly issued their first EP only one month later! Knowing that, you wouldn't expect much from Verge of Collapse (Bandcamp), but Greece's NIHILSECT simply kill with their bludgeoning brand of crusty black metal here. The first two tracks are straight ahead blitzkrieg attacks, locking their jaws on the jugular and refusing to let go. Utterly flabbergasted by the initial tracks, the band then switch to a lower gear on the title track closer, absolutely crushing all in its path, leaving me quivering in a pile of my own excrement. One of the best releases of the year to date. Amazing! [8.5]

Scottish thrashers TEMPERED up next, with their Greenwashed EP (Bandcamp). Thoughts of Slayer-derivation came to mind once opener 'Tempered' came out of the speakers, considering the King/Hanneman-inspired riffage. However, the band make an about face from thereon out for the duration of this six-track, 22-minute EP. In places this rages in old crossover glee, similar to Excel, whereas in other places they deliver heads-down, serious thrash, akin to Canada's Sacrifice, with a dash of Slayer for good measure. Throughout, Aaron McPhail growls up a storm at the mic, making sure that Tempered come across as a grimy, street-ready unit. A solid enough debut, but lacks memorable song writing. That may come with more experience though. [6.5]

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