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THE SOLOS - To The Moon

Release date April 12/19 (Independent)

Truth be told, I usually steer clear of atmospheric metal, finding it boring and defeating the purpose of what metal is supposed to be about: aggression! So call me dumbfounded as I report that I discovered an atmospheric release that actually captured my attention. A three-track EP covering nine minutes, The Solos' To The Moon is all about evoking different emotions in the listener.

The title track opens, pervading serenity, making you feel like an astronaut making your first space walk. A sense of wonder and tranquility takes hold. The mood quickly changes with second track 'Empire', turbulence entering the equation, akin to you (the astronaut) discovering a potential threat to your survival. Final track 'Children Of Paranoia' on the other hand represents the transition from fear to hopelessness, like being pulled inexorably into a black hole. Harrowing.

That all said, I'm not even sure this is metal, let alone rock, considering that not one drum beat or guitar strum can be found here. All done electronically, this is very much like a sci-fi soundtrack, rather than your traditional metal/rock release. Regardless, it's a journey well worth taking if you open up to its charms.


i) After completing this review, I've discovered that some of this was used as part of the trailer for the Alien:Covenant movie. Makes sense.

ii) The band have contacted me and advised that the last track was created using only guitars. I stand corrected!


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