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CEIFADOR - Hell Reaper

Release date February 15/19 (Bandcamp)

Self-proclaimed "alcoholic speed metal' unit Ceifador belch upon the world their fourth full length, Hell Reaper. At it since 2004, you'd think that the excessive hangovers from past EPs and albums would find the Brazilians in a more sedate or refined mode, but that certainly is not the case here. This is some of the rawest sounding speed metal that I've ever been subjected to.

In blitzkrieg mode from note one to final cantankerous bellow, this will most definitely only appeal to extreme undergrounders who expect to be battered by their music. These ears hear a first wave black metal band whose members have sampled some illicit drugs, causing the band to speed up almost beyond comprehension. Imagine a youthful Tom G. Warrior playing guitar with Nifelheim and you'll be in the right frame of mind. Oh yeah ... vocalist Alcoholokiller coughs up a lung too, coming across like Cronos' demented cousin. One dimensional, but a damned fine dimension.


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