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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Senseless and Chaos Century

We continue with our rundown of recent demos, EPs, singles, mini-albums, etc. ...

We start off with Long Island N.Y. hardcore unit SENSELESS with their debut EP Violence Momentum (Bandcamp). With five tracks in ten minutes, the group waste no time with subtleties, hitting you over the head instead with heavy-ass riffage and ill intent. Sporting a traditional guttural HC singer (think Tomas Lindberg), Senseless utilize start/stop, as well as bludgeoning mid-tempo, riffs, creating a punishing sound. Death metal fans who partake in hardcore the odd time are encouraged to check this one out. [7]

Next up is the Decaying Morality sophomore EP from Vancouver, B.C.'s CHAOS CENTURY (Dying Art Productions/Bandcamp). Definitely leaning toward the grittier Germanic form of thrash, rather than the cleaner North American approach, the band should incite mosh pits with their quick picking viciousness. Pushed to the wall, I'd point to Kreator as likely being one of their influences ... there's some 'Terrible Certainty' in 'Fascist Dictator' for sure. And Lingxiao Xue also shares a similar vocal approach to Mille Petrozza's spitting attitude at the mic. That said, this isn't simply mimicry or band worshiping though. Chaos Century undoubtedly have more to offer than that. A very good opening statement indeed. Note: Includes a cover of Sacrifice's 'Re-Animation'. [7.5]

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