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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Morderca and Dregsplitters

We continue with our reviews of new EPs, demos, mini-albums and singles ...

First to confront our ears is Poland's MORDERCA, with five tracks of crusty death over a too-short thirteen minutes. Amped and ready for prime time, Demo (Bandcamp) throttles Swedish-style death metal into a punkified, bloody pulp here. The vocalist shouts in your ear with that unmistakable 'what-the-f***-you-looking-at?' punk glare, while the surprisingly dexterous rhythm section lays down the abusive law. Imagine Discharge drunkenly bashing out some early Entombed covers in their practice hovel. Talking about covers, Morderca give Siekiera's 'Zabij Ty' a go here, as well. Nasty, nasty stuff! [7.5]

Out of the crossover thrash hotbed of the Canary Islands (!) comes DREGSPLITTERS with their The River Won't Stop (Bandcamp) mini-album. What you get for your hard earned cash here are five tracks over ten minutes of high energy, hard charging thrash, taken into crossover territory through the use of team-shout vocal support and short track lengths (one of them only 38 seconds long). Enthusiastically blasting away with youthful vigour, this will appeal to fans of Municipal Waste and the like. [7]

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