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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Destructo and Fleshwolf

We continue with our roundup of EPs, mini albums, singles and demoes ...

First up, Amsterdam's DESTRUCTO with their imaginatively titled Untitled (Wolves of Hades Records), proclaiming "This demo is recorded in Slayer tuning". Further making my job easier are the names and job descriptions of the players: G.G. Motörphallus - Infernal Chainsaw Slaughter & Vomits, J.J. Soulcrusher - Tenebrous Bassripping & Hellthroat Rituals and Necrohammer - Skinbeating Perversion & Masturbation. So, yeah, you know that you're getting into some pretty heavy duty underground thrash even before pressing 'Play' here. It doesn't take long to hear that Destructo specifically delve in the harried black/thrash sub-genre, raping and pillaging our ears with sick abandon. Sprinting, adrenaline-fueled riffage and a rock-solid rhythm section bring the hammer down, while Soulcrusher spews out tales of possession, mayhem and speed. For fans of Nifelheim, Barbatos and Sabbat (whose 'Darkness & Evil' track is covered herein). Enthusiastically and glorilously evil. [8]

Next up in this batch is a U.K. based, one-man band playing Swedish death metal. It's FLESHWOLF, with two singles which I have put together as a package here for reviewing purposes (both available via Bandcamp). First track, 'Trench', will immediately ingratiate itself to all those long suffering Dismember fans out there, nailing the Swe-death guitar tone from the very first note. Initiating in full up-tempo headbang, the guitar crunch and heft is undeniable, before the track evolves into a slower section with cool guitar leads. Second dittie 'The Rot' is initiated by some melodic guitar soloing, but quickly erupts into a frenzied riff grounded by some fine growl vocals. Altogether, a well produced and professional take on SDM. [7]

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