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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Intrcptr and Eggs Of Gomorrh

We continue with our Demo/EP Roundup series ...

First up L.A. based INTRCPTR (pronounced 'Interceptor' I assume), a two-man band made up of members from Pelican and 5ive (Ben Carr (G) and Larry Herweg (D)) with their sophomore EP II (Bandcamp). Gotta say that this one caught me by surprise. Rarely has an instrumental release got me this riled up, INTRCPTR letting loose with two tracks of wallowing doom that simply grooves the listener into a pile of dust over its 9-minute length. Catchy as all hell, you'll find your body moving involuntarily to the sub-woofer damaging low end that throbs ceaselessly. Give me more! [8.5]

Next up some mercilessly bludgeoning war metal out of Switzerland with EGGS OF GOMORRH inflicting the damage with their Outpregnate EP. Excluding the eerie intro, we're talking five tracks of imposing black/death that rattles the bones and brain matter into mush over its 18-minutes. The wall-of-sound guitars and guttural vocal expulsions ruthlessly ground-and-pound until your cauliflower ears are left bleeding. This is one of those albums where you just shake your head at the drummer's ability to maintain such a hellish racket over the course of such unrelenting bashing. In fact, would have preferred to hear his work higher in the mix given how active his work is here. For extreme extremists only. [7]

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