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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Road Mutant, Ultio and Aseptic

We continue on our journey into the demo/EP underground:

ROAD MUTANT up first with their debut EP Back To The Green Zone (Bandcamp), containing 4 tracks of crossover thrash in an energetic 15 minutes. Opener 'March Of The Road Mutants' bashes about in fine form, mixing high and mid tempos, while the vocalist spits and snarls in Anselmo-like spite. The rest of the tracks move between doom laden stomp, chug and staccato headbang, creating a sound that can be consumed both by frequent and not-so-frequent flyers of the extreme metal wars. An interesting combination of Pantera, Sacred Reich and Candlemass to these ears. A little odd, but satisfying. [7]

Some ferocious black metal next with ULTIO's debut EP Fera (Brucia Records). Making a beeline for the throat from first note to last, this is some no-nonsense abuse from the mysterious one-man band (from whereabouts unknown). Injection fueled, blast-beated and sent further hellbound by some horrific guttural vocals, guitar melodies are supplied underneath the fray for juxtaposition. Imagine being trapped in a castle under siege, knowing that the invaders will broach the walls at any second. That is the feeling that awaits you if you decide to take Fera on as a listening experience. [7]

And in this corner, fighting out of San Jose, California we have ASEPTIC with their Senses Decay (Bandcamp) four-track EP. Gnarly death metal is their specialty, jagged riffage and a punishing rhythm section providing the jabs, while Philip Cortez IV provides the knockout power with his throaty bellow vocals. A mix of tempos ensures that heaviness and interest is retained throughout its 11-minute length, definitely something even casual death-heads will be able to consume. [7]

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