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Release date March 22/19 (Cruz Del Sur)

The Mighty Decibel's #2 EP of 2019 (Lucifer's Fall)!!!

Finland's "psychotic heavy doom" worshipers Cardinal's Folly start off this split EP with three tracks of old school dread. With bass suitably blubbering and guitars down tuned, all three tracks hit the doom sweet spot dead on. While some may point out the warbly vocals as a weak spot, I would argue the opposite, stating that it brings a unique element to their presentation. Call it an acquired taste. Sticking in the mid-tempo pocket, Cardinal's Folly erect eminently listenable blocks of molten lead that will appeal to fans of Candlemass and the like. [7.5]

Australia's Lucifer's Fall also offer up three tracks of doom, albeit more in the Cathedral mold, complete with tales about witches ('Die Witch Die'). Totally top notch writing and performance here, this had me headbanging and throwing the horns in support. When it comes to doom, it's all about the riffs and Lucifer's Fall have obviously studied at the feet of Tony Iommi and Gary Jennings. The bulldozing rhythms (mid and up tempo) are intermittently broken up by dual, melodic guitar passages, while vocalist Deceiver snarls out tales of dread, death and Satan. Hail! [8.5]

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