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HAUNT - Mosaic Vision

Release date January 17/19 (Bandcamp)

Last we crossed paths with Haunt in reviewing their Burst Into Flame debut full length (link below) we opined that it was a fine NWOBHM-inspired trad metal outing that "won't set the world on fire". Er, kinda wrong in that statement, as the release ended up on many best-of 2018 lists. My crystal ball was obviously broken that day, but, hey I'm willing to take the lumps and try out their latest release.

Which brings us to Mosaic Vision, a four track EP that has been issued to whet peoples' appetites while waiting for the next full length scheduled to drop in May. Not much has changed here, the Fresno-based unit offering up lots of dual, melodic guitar driven music that sounds like Thin Lizzy crossed with Maiden. Trevor William Church's clean vocals are a little off-kilter, but add a unique charm to proceedings that otherwise might have fallen into regurgitated territory if a typical HM wailer were employed. Altogether, Mosaic Vision provides sixteen minutes of easy listening metal that will appeal to bangers with a pre-disposition for popular 80's metal. High Spirits fans should especially try this out.

Fave tracks: 'In Show Of Flames' and the title track.


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