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DEMO/EP Roundup - Sanity Control, Vile Spirit and Sordid Dogs

Holy crap, there are a lot of great new singles/EPs/demos being released early in 2019, so we here at The Mighty Decibel have decided to package some quick hitter reviews together to try and keep up with the flow!

Note: All of these are now available through Bandcamp.

First up Demo 2019 from Warsaw, Poland's SANITY CONTROL. If you're into neck-breaking thrash with a dose of speed, this two-tracker will no doubt impress. Specializing in fantastic riffs, the lads are obviously superb musicians as the music is delivered tightly and with loads of energy. Love the old school gruff vocals too. Four minutes of primo thrash in the vein of The Crown here. [8]

Next up, out of Brighton, UK, VILE SPIRIT with their Promo 2019 five-tracker release. Noisy hardcore punk comes your way here, as bulldozing rhythms make up the core sound, but anti-music noise and feedback sections are added to ensure this lies at the extreme end of the sub-genre. Vocals are of the hoarse rasp variety, belched out incoherently, adding to the overall "what-the-f***-just-hit-me" vibe. Includes a cover of Integrity's 'In Contrast Of Sin'. Brutal. [7.5]

SORDID DOGS fill out the three pack here with their half of the Sordid Dogs/Dogs48 Split. Self-proclaimed deliverers of black/thrash metal/punk, my ears hear a hardcore punk band with nods to thrash, grind and blackness. Nitpicking aside, the Greek-based unit attack their instruments with wanton recklessness, sounding like they're falling all over each other while recording this. Fun and boisterous, but heavy enough to appease hardened punkers and metalheads. Includes a cover of Doom's 'Nazi Die'. [7]

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