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BAKKARA - Bakkara

Release date July 23/18 (Bandcamp)

Next up, Maine hardcore punkers Bakkara with a self-titled 9-track EP (Bandcamp) covering only 13 minutes, so you know that each ditty clocks in under two minutes. Short blasts of high tempo, bulldozing riffs are maintained throughout each track, while the vocalist utilizes a distorted growl and intermittent off-kilter yowls creating quite the din. Personally would have preferred the vocals lower in the mix, putting more emphasis on the rhythmic maelstrom instead.

Couldn't find much about the band on the net, other than they have been together for about a year and a half and seem to be politically active in their locale (supporting worker's rights causes), which is not uncommon for HC punk bands. Looking forward to hearing more from this punishing unit. Fave track - 'Dream Demon', a furious blast of intensity that evokes comparisons to Final Conflict's Ashes To Ashes opus.


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