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MEKA - Ending My Life To Destroy Yours

Release date February 15/19 (Redefining Darkness)

Ohio based Meka announce their presence with this thoroughly challenging EP. Mixing black, death and noise elements into a soul-destroying concoction, the music here swirls about in thick layers for its full 16 minutes of abuse.

Opener 'War' lumbers out of the backwoods menacingly before the pace is picked up, the gut-busting low-end of the bass especially bringing the doom. The track transforms into a twisted take on Slayer's 'Seasons In The Abyss' riff, certainly a gnarly way to complete the track.

'Foresaken' follows, utilizing a cool building riff before introducing its main, bludgeoning thesis, an element of noise excess also layered in for effect. 'BEG' completes the three tracker, with another threatening riff insidiously invading the brain cavity.

The noise elements, buried-in-a-crypt vocals and the overall discordant nature at its core will likely turn many people off. However, for more adventurous extremists, there's an underlying sense of dread and crushing hatred that can be extracted from this. Good stuff.


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