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GIHEIMNISVOLL - Venomous Sorcery Through Hidden Darkness

Release date January 14/19 (Bandcamp)

Spooky-ass 70's-style horror movie keys (think Halloween) announce Giheimnisvoll's debut EP. The title track follows, storming out of the speakers with a world-class melodic black metal riff and suitably horrific wails for vocals (likely recorded in a coffin, naturally). Basically, your soundtrack to a particularly nasty nightmare.

Two more effective doses of melodic blackness complete the package here, making up a harrowing 19-minutes of tortured listening. That said, I have to say that there's an overall similarity to the tracks and they tend to drag on a bit longer than they need to. Giheimnisvoll (whereabout's unknown) have the sound, the riffs and the talent to make a dent in the black underground if they tighten up the song writing a bit. Very promising.


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