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Podcast #22 - HIDDEN GEMS: Ten Underrated Black Metal Bands

In this episode we cover ten black metal bands that deserve more coverage/love.

Let's delve deeper into the black metal abyss ...

(1:16) THY PRIMORDIAL - 'Once On Fortune's Throne' from At The World of Untrodden Wonder

(7:29) WAR - 'Ave Satan' from We Are Total War

(9:52) THY INFERNAL - 'Our Past Victories' from Satan's Wrath

(13:48) AZAGHAL - 'Rutonkajaa' from Perkeleen Luoma

(18:52) NADIWRATH - 'Winter Nights' from Nihilistic Stench

(22:48) MELECHESH - 'Wardjinn' from Djinn

(28:25) NIFELHEIM - 'Sadistic Blood Massacre' from Servants of Darkness

(31:30) DESASTER - 'Conquer and Contaminate' from The Oath Of An Iron Ritual

(36:26) ARCHGOAT - 'The Darkness Has Returned' from The Luciferion Crown

(40:09) IMPALED NAZARENE - 'We Are Satan's Generation' from Rapture

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