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NECROFIER - Visions In Fire

Released December 4/18 (Bandcamp)

Out of the Houston, Texas black metal hotbed (!) comes this debut EP from Necrofier. The title track opener immediately makes it clear what the band's game plan is ... namely, professional sounding melodic black metal. Quick picking guitar phrasings dart about while the rhythm section pounds the bottom end and vocalist Christian Larson rips his throat to shreds. Welcome to hell, indeed.

'Shadow Winds' follows in a similar vein, a syncopated drum beat providing a headbanging hard chassis for this highlight track, concluding with a riff change and fine guitar soloing. The 12-minute EP is closed out with 'Bring Out Your Dead', yet another accomplished dose of melodic blackness that brings to mind the mighty Thy Primordial. Heady praise indeed. Can't wait for the debut full length that the band threatens to unleash upon the world in 2019.


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