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Released December 20/18 (Bandcamp)

Whoever came up with the idea of teaming these two new up-and-coming extreme units together on a split EP needs to be heartily congratulated. Split releases usually tend to highlight the differences in progression between the paired units, whereas in this case we have two high quality outfits that complement each other despite playing in different metal sub-genres.

First up are Greek black/speed/thrashers Chaoshorde with two tracks of heads-down intensity. Opener 'Winds of Blasphemy' charges out with guitar-focused riffage akin to early Whiplash and Kreator mixed together in an intense concoction, vocals spat out in fine Mille-inspired hatred. 'Chaoswhore' follows in an even more intense speed-infatuated fury, really bringing the hammer down. This proves to be a logical progression from their Hordes Arising EP from earlier in 2018.

Doing clean-up here are Serbia's speed metal punkers Satans' Acolytes, who wowed The Mighty Decibel office with their The Horns EP (voted the #2 EP of 2018). In this case, the band steps back a little on the grind front, allowing new guitarist Sharp Spitfire room to shine. That said, the bass still blubbers threateningly like a hungover dude's stomach just before a porcelain explosion, and the band still rages intensely ... however, there's definitely a dose of maturation found here. Less one-dimensional and a tad more musical, this is an intriguing evolution in their sound. Can't wait to hear where they take us next outing.

Altogether a mighty fine double-dose of deranged harassment.


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