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CREATE A KILL - Summoned to Rise

Released July 13/18 (Repulsive Echo)

Reflecting the heat of their Miami, Florida home, Create A Kill have issued a sweaty death/thrash debut here. Containing pistons-popping thrash and dive-bomb guitar solos out of the Slayer handbook, this will most certainly appeal to the hardened thrashers. There's a death metal rhythmic intensity present as well, giving it an early Sepultura vibe. Combined, this makes for one hell of an extreme outing that somehow reminds me of Sacrifice's debut (albeit better produced).

The drum work provided by Gus Rios (Gruesome/ex-Malevolent Creation) proves to be a highlight, really setting the pace for which the rest of the band is forced to keep up with. Hearty, perspiration drenched death thrash for the deeply entrenched extremist.

Fave tracks: 'Create A Kill', 'Gauntlet Of Pain', 'Praise The Beast'


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