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Released November 23/18 (M-Theory Audio)

The NWOBHM will never be forgotten as long as new bands like Blade Killer have their say. Enthusiastically embracing many elements of the 80's movement, the L.A. based unit rock out furiously on this 8-track, 30-minute ode to a simpler time.

The most obvious influence here is early Iron Maiden, melodic dual guitars and time changes dotted throughout the release. Kudos to the band though for putting their own stamp on it, keeping this from being simple regurgitation. They add a speed metal element to their sound that it shares somewhat with Colombia's Revenge. Check out opener 'Lost Angels' for a good example of this marriage.

All of this youthful energy is captured in a perfect mix, guitars bracingly up-front and the rhythm section discernible underneath, while Carl Gutierez's clean vox eggs the party ever on. The bottom line here is that if you dig old school metal done professionally with hooks aplenty, you'll end up with a grin on your face after listening to this. Up there with Visigoth's Conqueror's Oath as one of the best trad metal releases of 2018.


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