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The end of 2018 is nigh, so it's time for end-of-year lists.

Our first is a list of the top 10 E.P.s of the year. For clarification, our definition of 'E.P." here is any release that isn't a full length album ... meaning that we include singles, maxi-singles, mini-albums, demos and E.P.s up for consideration. Additionally, links to reviews of the selected releases in question can be found under each title for ease of access.

It was a great year for non-full length releases this year, especially in the extreme metal genres. So let's get on with celebrating the year 2018!

1. CHEVALIER - Chapitre-II (Bandcamp)

OTT speed metal

2. SATAN'S ACOLYTES - The Horns (Bandcamp)

Black/speed infected hardcore punk

3. TERRORHAMMER - In The Name Of Hell (Bandcamp)

Speed infatuated black thrash

4. SATAN MY MASTER - The King Of Hell Arrives (Hellprod)

Filthy black metal with D-Beat accents

5. AIHOS - Ikuisuuden Suojaan (Blood Harvest)

Melodic black metal

6. CANDLEMASS - House Of Doom (Napalm)

Traditional doom metal

7. GRAVE SPIRIT - The Beast Unburdened By Truth (Iron Bonehead)

Black thrash

8. THUNDERDOME - The Man Of Rolling Thunder (Bandcamp)

Kick ass heavy metal/hard rock

9. ENDLESS DISEASE - Hail The Coming End

Spite-filled black metal

10. RADUX - Disaster Imminent (Svart)

Crossover thrash

Honorable mentions:

OFERWINTRAN - Demo (Darker than Black)

NACHTJAGD - ... any last words? (Independent)

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