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Released December 7/18 (Primitive Reaction)

Was expecting a war metal blast considering the name of the band, but was surprised to hear relatively more restrained black metal come from the ol' speakers instead, when 'Play' was hit. That's not to say that Rukous is a walk through a sun drenched park, hand-in-hand with a new romantic interest. No, the grim, Daffy-Duck-inspired squawk vocals throw buckets of blood on that vision, but quick.

Goats of Doom instead delve mostly in melodic black metal on this, their fourth full length, delivered with an ultra-clean production. Obviously not something that you hear every day from this sub-genre. On top of that, the Finnish unit also intermittently add odd clean vocals and acoustic sections that lend the album a folk metal vibe in places.

All these elements put together prove to be somewhat disorienting, but gotta say that it works. Nothing wrong with putting their foot forward with a unique sound that they can claim as their own. Impressive.


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