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CROWS OVER BRAVELLIR - Spells Of The Dead/Into Kingly Death

Released August 1/18 (Dawnbreed Records)

A two-track, twenty-minute single has been put before us for consideration. Hailing from Sweden and sporting current/ex-members of Grave and Darkified, expectations are immediately set quite high ... and the band doesn't let us down.

The title track opens proceedings with a thunderous bass tone that refers to the last Manowar full length, sub-woofers fighting hard not to distort the malevolent, gut busting bottom end here. A strident, mid-paced riff is then introduced and we're off to the races, vocalist Martin Gustafsson adding some discernible roar vocals over top. Psychedelic guitar and background keyboard embellishments are also included intermittently, before a martial riff ushers the track to a close.

The twelve minute second track 'Into Kingly Death' is initiated by some introspective guitar noodling before building into a loping gait with a vague folk element to the riff, bringing to mind the mighty Primordial. An epic track if there ever was one, this song takes the willing listener on an interesting journey with many twists and turns along the way.

Epic blackened doom that lives up to its billing. Well worth checking out.


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