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Released October 26/18 (Gilead Media)

You hear all the time about one-man black metal units, so upon initially finding out Ephemeral Domignostika was the sole member of Pandiscordian Necrogenegis, I was left non-plused. However, what did catch my attention was the claim that "all music is performed live and improvised by Domignostika with the use of a bass drum, snare, and hi hat (all played by foot), guitar, and voice. The only exception being the use of synth for ambient tracks." No backing tracks, samples or loops used. Hmm, that sounds interesting.

Curiosity sufficiently whetted, the album was put on my trusty death-deck and ... this reviewer was left stunned. Regardless of just how the hell he can produce this racket by himself, the music found on Outer Supernal proved to be a mind blowing extreme metal experience. At one point he'll have you trapped in a frigid black metal grasp, harsh vocals dragging you closer to your bleak end. The next, he'll have you space-bound with an otherworldly, haunting keyboard instrumental. Following that he'll have you marching in an endless death march of doom. All delivered with a discordant, abrasive edge that leaves the listener unsettled throughout the journey.

After 47 minutes you're left shaking your head in wonder at the diversity of sounds and depth of vision that this would have required. Mind altering. Kudos to Necrogenesis for creating such a unique listening experience.


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