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MUSMAHHU - Formulas Of Rotten Death

Released Feb 4/18 (Iron Bonehead)

Proving that sometimes it's good to branch out, black metal veteran Swartadaupuz (Ars Hmu, Azelisassath and many more) delves here in the Swedish death metal idiom on this two-track EP. Taking that famous down-tuned guitar tone and blast-beating it to a pulp, the opening title track delivers a vicious bashing to the ears, that'll surely bring a smile to the faces of all the death fanatics out there. Employing a wall-of-sound mix, it's an all-encompassing beating that seems to continually swirl about your head in an endless assault.

Second track 'Apocalyptic Brigade Of Forbidden Realms' slows the pace down somewhat, but still strikes you about the head with slabs of concrete ...ultimately speeding up for a frenzied conclusion. Swartadaupuz proves to be a more than capable instrumentalist and his guttural vocal expulsions are a perfect fit for this ultra-aggressive metal of death. Impressive - especially for a first foray into a new sub-genre for this one-man band. If you want some top tier Swe-death, ignore the new Unleashed album and pick this one up instead.


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