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THE BLEEDING - Rites Of Absolution

Released May 19/17 (Independent)

Interesting debut full length here from the U.K.'s The Bleeding. Taking the whirlwind thrash of the 80's and grounding it with old school death, the four-piece has produced an album that sounds like it should have been issued by grizzled veterans of the scene, rather than newbies to the form.

Really love the vocals here, coming from the Martin Van Drunen school of discernible throaty roar vox. Hearing such deathly vocals on top of the speedy, thrash-infested material is a blast, an extremely engaging union that gets the ol' neck muscles working. Talking about headbanging, listen to 'Consumed Existence' , as well as the title track, and try not to bang. Good luck with that.

From the production values, to the instrumentation, to the song writing, this hits like a major label release. Would be very surprised if these guys aren't picked up by a label, toot sweet. Impressive.

Note: Includes an appropriate cover of Death's 'Open Casket'.


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