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OFERWINTRAN - Oferwintran

Released November 3/18 (Bandcamp)

Here's a case of superior song writing defeating inferior production qualities. The opening crescendos of first track 'Triumphant War March' indeed should have been triumphant, however, the absolutely deadly blast is muted somewhat by a cotton-balls-in-the-ears production job. Luckily for us though, the power of this one-man band's (Nihtian) vision and delivery is unmistakably clear despite the handicap.

We're talking world-class melodic black metal with riffs that resonate immediately ... and long after the 4-track, 21-minute EP has been silenced. Nihtian's throaty expulsions meld perfectly with the caustic riffage, creating an overwhelming sense of doom, depravity and depression. Apply some better production techniques to this and it would likely have been labelled the best E.P. of 2018 to these ears. That said, this debut will still likely sit amongst the top ten. Highly, highly recommended for fans of harrowing melodic BM.


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