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HOLOCAUSTO - Guerra Total

Released October 5/18 (Nuclear War Now!)

According to the trusty Encyclopaedia Metallum, Holocausto have been in business since 1985, with many transformations taking place over its history, as band membership continued to change. Starting out as a black/thrash outfit, transitioning to technical thrash, even dallying in industrial and doom for one release, before turning to crossover, it's clear that the band don't like to be pinned down to one sub-genre of music.

So, what do we find the Brazilians dallying in 30+ years into their existence on this 4-track, 12-minute E.P.? Well, seems that the original lineup has reconvened and the music has shifted back to its black/thrash roots. We're talkin' intense, bestial stuff, badly-recorded-on-purpose, that will leave non-extremists running for cover at the first ragged riff and bashed symbol. The raw and turbulent main riff from 'Holocausto' will bring a smile to any self-respecting black/thrash fanatic, and the early Slayer-influenced 'Guerra Total Apocalipse' will then have you reaching for the air guitar. Those who remember and still embrace the original output from the old Brazilian heathens (Sarcofago, Sepultura and Mutilator) need to check this out. Hopefully, a full length will follow.


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