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FURI HELIUM - Releasing Hell

Released September 28/18 (Bandcamp)

Next up for your consideration is the debut EP from Barcelona based Furi Helium. This thrash band has been together since 2012, but Releasing Hell represents the band's maiden voyage into recorded works. 'Toxic Worm' kicks the four tracker off with an adrenaline-rush-of-a-riff that harkens back to prime Nuclear Assault, albeit with a more barked vocal. "Stampede Of Buffaloes' comes next, initiated by spaghetti-western strumming akin to Metallica's 'One' opening, before switching gears into a chugging traditional metaller. This proves to be the weakest track on offer here due to its more commercial ... or should I say, less extreme ... approach and the somewhat off-putting continual mispronunciation of "boo-fa-lo" throughout.

Things get right back on track though with the third song 'A Way To Iruna', a heads down thrasher with a catchy "caught in the middle" refrain and cool guitar soloing. Saving the best for last, 'Time To Fight!' closes out the 18-minute platter on a high note, its main riff sure to whip the moshers into a frenzy akin to Municipal Waste on a mission.

So, overall a mighty fine introduction to the band, delivering a somewhat crossover-inspired take on thrash that is high on energy and a modicum of melody. Good stuff.


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