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VULCAIN - Vinyle

Released September 28/18 (Season of Mist)

Despite being in business since 1981 and being described as "France's Motorhead", this reviewer hadn't come into contact with this unit until the receipt of this, their ninth full length. The first two tracks (the title track and 'Heros') certainly live up to the billing, rumbling along like Lemmy and gang of old, however, further comparisons prove to be fleeting. Rather, Vulcain oscillate between hard rock and 80's style heavy metal on their latest release.

For example, the main riff of 'Backline Music' sounds like a nicked version of Ted Nugent's 'Good Friends & A Bottle Of Wine', while 'Dans les Livres' refers to prime era, heavy Krokus, 'Controle' thunders along like Priest, and 'Decibels' is an old school rock ballad. To be able to seamlessly float between the two genres on an album is not an easy task, but Vulcain do so with ease and finesse, affirming their veteran status.

Skillfully played and written, each track different from the last, this is one of those releases where you'll likely not find a need to skip tracks. Solid, from front to back, Vinyle is one fun and satisfying listen for those who have no qualms in mixing their hard rock and metal. Especially love the gruff vocals (sung in French) that definitely have similarities to Bernie Bonvoison of fellow countrymen Trust. Two thumbs way up.


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