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Released October 5/18 (Bandcamp)

Chicago heavy metal/hard rock institution Chris Black continues his torrid recording pace issuing three Professor Black releases simultaneously (!). This after having already issued an E.P. earlier this year under the same Professor Black label. (URL link to previous review below.) Interesting concept in that each of the three new albums cover different sub-genres. Sunrise being an ode to viking metal-era Bathory, LVPVS going the experimental route, while the album in hand (I Am The Rock) rocks-out-with-its-balls-out as an homage to the mighty Motorhead.

Lemmy would definitely have raised a glass of Jack and Coke in salute to the latter if he were still alive, the bass-driven material rockin' and rumbling from the 'Get It On' opener to the 'Hard To Please' finale 36 minutes later. References to the beloved speedfreaks are littered everywhere here: 'Three Devils" could have come from the Orgasmatron sessions, 'Dance Of Death' rumbles like the Overkill title track and

'End Of The Line' sounds like what would have come out of a Motorhead/Scorpions jam from the late seventies. The list goes on.

While Black's melodic vocals are nowhere near Lemmy's gruff bellowings and the bass doesn't growl quite as much, there's no doubting that fans of any era will find solace in this release. The unique sound that was Motorhead will live on forever through its influence on new bands coming down the pipe.

Faves: 'Shakedown', 'Don't Talk To Me', 'Dance Of Death' and the title track, all hard-charging doses of thunderous rock'n'roll the way Lemmy would have liked it.


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