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PARANOID - Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!

Released September 28/18 (The Sign Records)

It's always a good time for some hardcore punk, especially if it's played by some long haired metalheads who inject some d-beat and metal influences. So, in this case we eagerly embrace the second full length from Sweden's Paranoid, who have been in business since 2012. Making a beeline for that ramshackle sound that makes raw punk such an energetic form of music, the Swedes sound like a bunch of guys who've already been jamming/drinking/smoking for an hour ... and that's on track one. Lucky for us, the intensity never lets up throughout the 12 songs that run 38 minutes.

Jocke D-tact's vocals are of the hoarse roar style, akin to Jerry A. of Poison Idea fame. Exasperated, frustrated and tanked, they perfectly suit the confrontational cacophony that makes up the musical side found here. A rip-roaring good time of a record.

Faves: 'Fukusyuu' which skewers the main riff from Metallica's 'Phantom Lord', including a ripping chainsaw conclusion, along with the two closest references to Discharge found here, 'Youshanaki Satsuriku' and 'Yogen'.


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