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EVIL - The Gate Of Hell

Released October 21/18 (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

Really enjoyed Evil's debut full length Rites Of Evil from 2017 (URL link to my review on can be found below), so was more than happy to review this latest E.P. from the Japanese outfit. The instrumental title track initiates activities on this four-track, seven minute affair, a bluesy, tortured lead guitar over top of a slow metal march before falling apart at its conclusion. 'Hell's Evil Bells' (ha!) follows, falling headfirst into a blasting cacophony of raw, old school death thrash, complete with barked vocals. The pace is then slowed down on the headbanged 'Bottom Of Hell' before diving back down to hell on the concluding cover of Sarcofago's 'Desecration Of Virgin'.

Gotta say that I wasn't as enthralled with this E.P., finding the debut material to be a little more malevolent, raw and bracing. That said, the Gate Of Hell still stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the output of most young hardcore thrashers. Good, energetic stuff for extremists.


Note: URL for review of Evil's debut album, Rites Of Evil completed for can be found below:

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