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Released September 14/18 (Bandcamp)

Youthful exuberance. That's the first thing that jumps to mind upon initial listen to Scrollkeeper's debut E.P., Path To Glory. Opener 'Not Of This Earth' charges out of the gates in an energetic sprint, the band's enthusiasm laid bare as the NWOBHM-inspired, speedy traditional metal plays forth. Second track 'Path To Glory' proves to be the highlight of the five-song release, speeding up and skewing Accept's 'Princess Of The Dawn' main riff, while espousing a tale of war and victory.

The pace comes down with the third track, 'Surrender', a mid-tempo ditty that builds to emotional heights once the chorus hits. Not a miss, but definitely the weakest of the tracks herein. The concluding 'Fortune Favors The Bold' picks up the pace once again, holding the sword up high in another tale of battle.

Some will likely bemoan Justin McKittrick's warble vocals, but to these ears he fits the band perfectly. His talk/off-kilter vocalizations are totally unique (nice to hear in this day and age) and grow on you after repeated listens. Hey, Jess Cox of Tygers Of Pan Tang fame is fondly remembered for his 'irregular' work on the Wild Cat opus, so I don't see any reason why McKittrick's work can't be embraced here.

Bottom line, if you're into traditional metal with memorable melodies and great guitar work, look no further than Scrollkeeper's Path To Glory for your next fix. Not quite up to Visigoth's Warrior Queen standard, but definately in the neighborhood. Fun stuff.


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