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VOLKOLUN - Path Through The Mist

Released August 5/18 (Bandcamp)

Here's one of those rare cases where an instrumental opener effectively sets up what is to follow. In this case, Russian black metal unit Volkolun provide an enticing, quiet opening that encourages the listener to reflect introspectively over its two-minute lifespan. Comfortably sitting back in a relaxed mode, all hell then breaks loose when first track proper 'Wayfarer' explodes with its raw guitar tone, waking you up but quick. Perfect.

What follows are three tracks (covering 18 minutes) of mid-tempo blackness that utilizes melodic dual guitar passages, some acoustic guitar segues and the odd flute (!) to establish a unique folk metal sound. This is one of those cases where a band leans heavier on the metal side of the equation, with folk elements playing a secondary role. Zyx' part zombie, part tortured soul vocals really nail down the pagan ethos as well. Volkolun's Path Through The Mist E.P. should definitely be added to black and folk metal fans' shopping lists.


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