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U.D.O. - Steelfactory

Released August 31/18 (AFM)

In this, his 16th release under the U.D.O. banner, Udo Dirkschneider gives the fans what they want....metal, metal, and then even more metal. In his 39 years as a recording artist (including 10 albums with Accept), Udo has figured out that the people buying his music and attending his shows are not there for the ballads.

Which isn't to say that all the songs on this album are without nuance. Indeed, every song has a catchy hook, or some little twist that gives is an individual character. This album is well written.

Udo's voice is a little older, and has lost some of its power over the years, but he makes up for that by varying his delivery style. Every song has the trademark Udo high pitched growl, but on many songs he mixes in actual old school singing as well. And while nobody will confuse him for Dio or Halford, Udo's voice in all manners of delivery is a pleasure to any metalhead's ears.

Most of the songs tend to be of a mid-tempo variety, but they are sufficiently different so that it never gets boring. To these ears however, the best songs on the album tend to be the faster ones: "Tongue Reaper", "Rising High" and "Eraser" being the highlights. Udo is THE heir to Accept: sorry Wolf.


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