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Released November 15/17 (Raw'N'Roll Rex)

This split EP is a little dated, as it slipped through my trusty screening system in error. Regardless, this is well worth your time if your listening habits include imbibing the odd d-beat influenced hardcore punk.

First up are three raw and ripping tracks from Portugal's Dokuga. My first run-in with the four-piece unit, their sound is akin to a runaway cement truck, mowing down everything in its path. While it's up-tempo all the way through its 6-minutes of air-time, the unit throw in bulldozing riff changes and the odd short lead guitar solo to keep things off-kilter. The hoarse shout vocals are then added to complete the overall sonic blitzkrieg. Way cool stuff.

Their partners in crime for this split happen to be Systemik Violence, a band covered in these hallowed pages via a review of their Anarquia Violencia album (released subsequent to this in March/18). Similar in approach with respect to a headlong dive into violent, raw punk waters, however, Systemik Violence come off as a little more ramshackle. The production isn't as clear and there's an even more confrontational element to their sound. The "You don't need Police help?" "Fuck you Pigs!" soundbite at the beginning of 'Deadcop' cements the belief. Think of them as Motorhead gone very wrong.


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