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RADUX - Disaster Imminent

Release date September 14/18 (Svart)

Finland's Radux bring back fond memories of the thrash-tastic 80's with this debut, four-track EP. They are reminiscent of Nuclear Assault in their prime, to be exact. Sharing the same fixation about man-made disasters and a vocalist with the same high pitched shriek as John Connelly, there's no questioning the influence.

Opener 'Fallout' seals the comparison right out the gate, thrashing out in an uncontrolled crossover fury just like their NYC heroes. However, the Finnish unit stretch out a little further afield on the final three tracks, incorporating a speed/thrash element to their high-speed attack. Definitely a 'blows-back-your-hair', energetic affair, Radux have successfully traversed that fine line between band worship/mimic and attaining their own independent sound. A hugely fun 15-minutes of thrashing bliss.


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