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TERROR - Total Retaliation

Release date September 28/18 (Pure Noise)

The title of this seventh full length from L.A. hardcore veterans Terror sends a signal about the themes that will likely be covered, even before you've had a chance to look at the CD. Checking out the track titles subsequently confirms your suspicions, with 'One More Enemy', 'This World Never Wanted Me', 'In Spite Of These Times' and the title track amongst the list. Drop the needle (as we used to say) and the music perfectly matches the aggressive topics, as expected.

Terror doesn't try to rewrite the hardcore rules of engagement here, though. Tempoes shift between mids and highs, breakdowns are inserted for maximum pit action and team-shout vocals are used to bolster the idea of comradeship, all elements essential for the hardcore ethos. However, Terror is one of the best in the business at delivering this type of action (along with Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All), their music absolutely punishing listeners. The guitar crunch sets the tone, with the rhythm section then providing the underlying heft, while Scott Vogel's shout vocals administer the knock-out punch. Thirteen tracks covering 29-minutes of pure hardcore fury awaits those who choose to delve into this retaliatory piece of art.

Fave songs - 'Get Off My Back', 'In Spite Of These Times' and the title track.


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