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INVOCATION - The Mastery Of The Unseen

Release date September 17/18 (Iron Bonehead)

Out of Chile comes this two-track, ten-minute debut EP from black /death enthusiasts Invocation. Obviously obsessed with the occult, opener 'Ouija (Mystifying Oracle)' sets the mysterious tone up-front immediately, mixing blasting and pummeling blackened/deathly riffage in equal measure. Second track 'The Spirit Trumpet' contains a similar take on black/death, but elongated (at six minutes), allowing for some additional rhythmic variation.

The recording is grime-ridden and earthy, providing the EP with an arcane texture that gives the band a unique sound that can be built off of in the future. Guitarist/vocalist Sense Of Premonition growls and utters up a storm too, in keeping with the esoteric surroundings. Altogether, The Mastery Of The Unseen proves to be a good introduction to Invocation's unique charms. Promising.


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