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CHEMICAUST - Unleashed Upon This World

Released January 5/18 (Dark Rituals)

In this, the first full length from Texas' Chemicaust, old school thrash is the name of the game. More than a passing reference to the mighty Kreator inhabits this platter of 9 tracks. From start to finish, Chemicaust let it rip, with a furious intent worthy of many of the 1980s and 90s thrash masters.

Although Chemicaust have a sound of their own, hints of Destruction and even a bit of Slayer can be found in the songs herein, more than a passing nod to thrash of years gone by. It is no coincidence that the final song on the album is a cover of Exodus' 'A Lesson in Violence'.

Damion Giron and Pierce Hall's guitar work is excellent, and the rhythm section of bassist/vocalist Ernie Jaramillio and drummer Ron Harris keep the beat fast and furious. The only complaint from this reviewer is Jaramillo's vocals which occasionally veer into an over-used, generic, quasi-death vocal gurgle. But hey, the throat noises do add something to the top-notch noise being pumped out by the band.

There are no bad songs on this effort, but the openers "As Empires Fall" and "Vanished" are standouts among many standouts. Essential for all thrash enthusiasts.


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