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ENDLESS DISEASE - Hail The Coming End

Release date August 6/18 (Bandcamp)

Texas-based Endless Disease spew out five tracks of spite-filled black metal here over this ten minute EP. Lyrically misanthropic to the core, 'End Your Life' encourages suicide and 'Every Beating Heart' declares their hatred for 'everyone in this god-damned world'. Nice upbeat stuff to be sure.

Musically, they turn on the chainsaw, d-beating their black metal into a flesh-tearing weapon. Guitars grind out high speed and mid-tempoed stomping riffs with equal aplomb, while the rhythm section holds down the bottom-end lustily and R's gargled-but-discernible vocals loudly proclaim their pessimistic views on life. All hope is lost if you decide to imbibe this heavy-as-lead, blistering release.


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