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TERRORHAMMER - In The Name Of Hell

Release date January 30/18 (Bandcamp)

Opening with an ominous instrumental track that properly sets the mood (rain, church bell, woman screaming, church organ), Terrorhammer then release the hounds in an impressive, speed-infatuated blast of black thrash. Rarely letting up throughout the five-track, twenty-minute EP, this is definitely one for those with a-need-for-speed.

Charging forth with reckless abandon, this Serbian horde's take on thrash has obviously been influenced by repeated listens of the Teutonic first wave. Raw and bestial, there's a turbulence to the material that reminds one of early Kreator and Sodom releases. The Tom Angelripper-inspired guttural vocals strengthen the comparison.

However, this isn't a case of simple retro-thrash. Far from it. Terrorhammer's In The Name Of Hell sounds too modern, lascivious and inspired for that. A must-have for those who delve into the black thrash quagmire.


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