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Release date February 6/18 (Bandcamp)

The Mighty Decibel's #2 EP of 2018!!

Review originally published Feb 7/18

'Arrival', a short doom-riffed intro with air raid siren accompaniment, announces Satan's Acolytes' five-song, thirteen-minute debut EP. From thereon out things get very heavy indeed, the one-man Serbian unit kicking out their unique brand of intense, black/speed-infected hardcore punk.

Running amok like a downtuned, sleep-deprived Motorhead functioning on adrenaline and speed alone, the bass rumble that underscores this release is something to behold. Hitting the belly hard and consistently, the rhythmic bottom end here will evoke much headbanging bliss, for sure. Milan Kovacevik's rough and tumble, throaty roar is then added on top, perfectly suiting this type of abuse. Coherent, but matching the intensity of the music, it pulls it all together into one evocative package.

If you're a fan of detuned, bulldozing d-beat akin to Disfear, you need to investigate this immediately. Can't wait for the full length!


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